Terms of Use

Real Estate Cabinet Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. For the purposes of these terms, Real Estate Cabinet includes Real Estate Cabinet staff, owners and affiliated business and staff thereof. The term user includes any person or entity that accesses the digital storage system and the tools provided by Real Estate Cabinet or further defined to be anyone who accesses the system.
  2. Users recognize that Real Estate Cabinet is not responsible for the content of any user post to the digital record and storage system.
  3. Real Estate Cabinet provides resources to download files within. Though the partnership with AWS and AWS affiliates provides users with the confidence that files are retained indefinitely and readily accessible, it is never recommended that Real Estate Cabinet be the only digital document center where the file is stored.
    1. Real Estate Cabinet is not responsible deleted items or documents that can no longer be located after being stored in the digital document storage center. It is the users responsibility to download and maintain an offsite digital storage or physical file of uploaded documents. The digital storage system provided by Real Estate Cabinet should be used as a shared digital document center and not the only source for the maintenance of required legal documents.
  4. Real Estate Cabinet is not responsible for ensuring all state laws have been met as it relates to the document storage and the standards of completed paperwork.
  5. Though the Real Estate Cabinet is deemed secure, users should not store private and financial information in the digital storage system. The user agrees to black out or remove any information that could compromise themselves, their customers or clients.
  6. All licensees listed under a brokerage or parent client account may fall inactive or become unable to access the Real Estate Cabinet server if the parent or paying user fails to maintain the account.